A white grid in the foreground and a white wall in the background are the projection surfaces for a composition which consists of growing circular shapes of light alternating from cold to warm color hues. Sequences of sounds accompany them from emergence till disappearance. It is evident soon enough that the composition seems to repeat itself but no two cycles exactly equal one another. The grid symbolizes the analytical, mathematical approach of precision and countability whereas the colored shapes depict a chaotic randomness which is cast into control by it. Nevertheless it wouldn’t be possible to forecast the shapes of the next cycle. Impossibly finite alludes to the impossibility of an universally valid statement. Objective truth is impossible to define no matter how perfect theories and instruments have become.

This installation was shown in the Unrender #2 exhibition hosted by L17 & CDM.

Used material: polypropylen grid, paper, computer, projector, stereo speakers; Modul8, MadMapper, Ableton Live and Vezér software