Viewport Dependency (2018)

The world around us is unfathomably complex. There is no better way to put it: You and I as individuals just won‘t be able to understand the world we‘re living in in its innumerable details and the countless ways of their interdependency. Our perceptions of the world are our personal limitations, and they in turn define our own reality.

So what is yours? Can I have a look at yours? Would you like to share mine for a moment?

Viewport Dependency tries to visualize on a conceptual level how distorted someone elses world view might seem to you, but also emphasizes that we‘re still not that far apart from each other despite the fact.

It’s doing this by examining perspective on multiple logical planes. Real viewer perspectives, real projector perspectives, virtual viewing angle on – and virtual projection of – the stylized satellite imagery. When the continously changing virtual viewing angle matches a real viewers perspective on the work the optical illusion of looking at a stylized cityscape from below comes to life. The whole system is running in real-time and thus is open for improvisation and further development.