With this installation I wanted to play with the setting, which tries to resemble a retro-futuristic living room with some sort of video gaming console. Only that this console actually is a rather monochrome and coarsely sounding audiovisual instrument.

Used material: table, armchairs, wii controller, monome controller, computer, camera, display, projector; Max/MSP/Jitter software


This work is a mashup of technologies. Functions (display, camera, buttons, accelerometer, computer) are recombined to form something different: The screen and the camera open up a feedback loop. The screen's image is divided in 8x8 tiles, correlating with the 8x8 buttons of the monome controller. By pressing any two buttons of the controller the user can swap the corresponding parts of the image with each other. By waving around the accelerometer-equipped wii controller or by using its directional pad the user can directly control the position of the image, which influences the video feedback just like moving the camera itself. An index-finger trigger button sets the image to its negative. Another button resets the swapped parts of the image to their original location. The image generates the sound at the same time because the brightness distributions of several lines of the image are directly converted into audible frequencies.