This edit quickly illustrates my involvement in the studio r° project for several months. The installation was my first complex live video mapping with ~50 surfaces. At the same time it was the longest running installation I created until then.

Music: Various DJ- and Live-sets (see titles)

Used material: computer, MIDI-controllers, projectors; Modul8 and MadMapper software


The studio r° project tries to be a platform for contemporary electronic dance music and its different accompanying visual presentations. It centers around producing shows which are live streamed on and also available for later viewing. I've been invited to map video onto a scenery of abstract architectural models making it a diorama sprawling with live composed rhythmic visuals. The camerawork uses multiple webcams on motorized platforms and a robotic arm to capture intriguing angles and tracking shots. The resulting shots are live edited and sent to the streaming server while also being recorded to disk. The core team consists of Oleg (music booking), Christian (visual concept and realization) and Dirk (technician and hacker).