I've been playing live visuals on several festivals since 2008 together with more or less the same crew. We tried to push the boundaries of what is possible in low-budget, do-it-yourself stage design. We poured a lot of love into our compositions of space and at night I had the privilege to light a good portion of them up. To give a sense of what we tried to achieve the edit you can see here aggregates the few moments captured on video.

Used material: screens made of various materials including wood/linen and polypropylen grids, computers, multiple Matrox Triplehead2Go, several other video breakout boxes, iPad as control surface, MIDI-controllers, cameras, displays, projectors; Modul8, MadMapper, MXWendler, Unity 3D Pro and Lemur software


The compilation shows in chronological order: Fusion Festival 'Querfeld' 2008, Ø Festival 2009, Fusion Festival 'Querfeld' 2010, Ø Festival 2010, Fusion Festival 'Querfeld' 2011, Zwischenraum Festival 2011, Fusion Festival 'Querfeld' 2012, Zwischenraum Festival 2012. You can find more information about these festivals on their respective websites at: fusion-festival.deoe.infowarfare.de and zwischenraum-festival.de.

For more thorough information about my live visuals please visit thevidness.net/about