CHAOS01 (2008)

A melting ice block is placed in the focus of two separate video feedback loops which tend to light up the scene. They get darkened out briefly when a drop of water hits the water in the metal bowl underneath. Captured by a piezo microphone, the sound of the drop hitting the water surface is amplified so heavily that it manages to form a crude audio feedback loop with the bowl itself. The result is an eerie amplification of every single drop and thus the melting process of the ice itself.

Used material: block of ice, metal bowl, piezo microphone, computer, two cameras, two projectors, stereo sound; Max/MSP/Jitter software


This sculpture was a collaboration with two fellow students. Konstantin, Moritz and myself wanted to realize a video sculpture. Moritz came up with ice as a material. My contribution was the video part whereas Konstantin helped with the sound component and ice production.